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Penn and Damon on Milk biographical film

SeanPenn.jpgBoth Sean Penn and Matt Damon have been signed up to play leads in the Gus Van Sant film of the 1970's San Francisco politician Harvey Milk.

Although it seems that Sean Penn is a definite for the film, with an uncertain start date Matt Damon may not be able to star, but we'll have to wait and see how that one turns out. Penn is set to play Harvey Milk, and Damon his assassin Dan White.

There's another film looking at Harvey Milk,'s life in development, and that one is currently under the eye of Bryan Singer. Seeing a film from these two Directors on the same topic would be very interesting and could well be poles apart. However both have been through a very long development and both are still far from being made.

Bryan Singer's version is entitled The Mayor of Castro Street while Gus Van Saint.'s isn't yet carrying a title. Both tell the story of Milk who rose to power as an official in San Francisco and was recognised as the first openly gay official in the US, however he was assassinated along with the Mayor of the time George Moscone by a fellow official Dan White.

Singer's version was last rewritten by Chris McQuarrie and the project has already had a lifetime of some fifteen years. Saint's has been written by Dustin Lance Black and they are currently looking for a buyer.

Sant sounds like he's ahead of the Singer film, especially with this casting news from Yahoo News, Damon and Penn would be great for the film and match off well with each other. Penn is an especially huge draw for the film.



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