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Petersen's The Grays script review

TheGrays.jpgWhen I heard that Whitley Strieber's The Grays (Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk) was being made into a film with Wolfgang Petersen at the helm I thought we could be in for something rather interesting, perhaps what X-Files 2 should be and isn't.

However now a review of the script has appeared online and it sounds like they've taken a good idea and diluted it with bad dialogue and dull characters. All that remains are the standard alien messages from Strieber. With Wolfgang Petersen not firing on all cylinders of late either there's little chance that this is going to turn around from the very poor script review it has just received online.

The review over at Latino Review is far from impressive, although as they run through the plot it does sound like it had potential, just that they need to develop all the characters in the story, and they do mean all.

Now do beware because there are a few light spoilers to be had here, but there's nothing that interesting to spoil it seems, and even where they give the script credit I'm seeing a lot of stock ideas coming out. Comparing the plot, bear in mind that is not the script, to Close Encounters is something criminal when the plot seems so dull.



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