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Pink horror Catacombs finally released

Pink.jpgI'm surprised that the first film outing from Pink has been hidden for so long, and not because she was in it but because Catacombs sounded like such a great concept for a horror.

A group of hardcore partiers go to an underground and illegal rave one night, the most exciting thing about it is that it is held in the Catacombs of Paris, the underground tunnels that are literally a maze beneath the city and is the resting place for the remains of something like seven million people. During the party once of the girls falls unconcious and when she awakes she finds that everyone has gone, and she's left beneath the city, lost but not alone.

According to news reports it is heading for an outing on video on demand.

I first wrote about Catacombs when we heard that it wasn't getting a release, and that was back in June of last year after it was completed!

The film stars Pink in sight, just Shannyn Sossamon, so it's not that it's short of known names, and the first acting of the singer Pink might be quite a draw, apparently not though.

David Elliot who wrote The Watcher and Four Brothers, so there was a possibility that the script was going to be strong too.

Yet despite all that we hear from Variety today that it will be available on Fearnet from October the 1st, then for Internet download on Halloween some four weeks later, and then it will be hitting DVD early next year.

You can see two trailers for the film through Filmstalker here and here. I really thought that we would see this in cinemas, especially considering the amount of rubbish that has been thrown out instead.



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