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Pitch your ideas at Raindance and see films online


The Live!Ammunition competition costs just a five pound note to enter, and the best pitch to the panel wins the money in the hat as well as the possibility of the panel liking your film and just maybe, picking it up to develop.

The panel are quite a surprising list of talent. Ewan McGregor is probably the name that will have you most starstruck.

Nik Powell has produced a raft of great British movies including the Oscar-nominated Mona Lisa and Little Voice and Oscar-winning The Crying Game.

Sally Caplan is head of the UK Film Council's Premier Fund, and as such has an annual budget of £8m to help in the production of British films.

Davide Scalenghe manages the Viewer Created Content Outreach Department at Al Gore's Current TV, meaning he can get your film seen by millions online.

Malcolm Gerrie has over 25 years worth of experience as a producer and is currently Head of Whizz Kid TV.

So if you fancy getting your idea out there, then this is for you. Just head over to The Raindance Film Festival site for the Live!Ammunition event details, the event takes place on Monday the 1st of October.

Also at the Raindance this year, they are taking the unprecedented step of making some of their films available on the Internet for viewing at the same time as they premiere.

According to The Guardian, six films will be made available in this way and they will be made available from 21:00 on the day they are first shown. On five nights a selection of short films will also be aired and the website will host content from the previous night's screenings.

The Guardian tell us that these films will include the feature-length documentary Flames in the Looking Glass, tracking the lives of three Indian transgenders living with Aids, the Scottish road trip The Inheritance, and a film about hip hop in Brighton called South Coast.

Definitely worth the visit. Have a look at the official site.



I went to this last year. It's definitely worth throwing something out there, for a fiver, it just be silly not to.

I think the 51st State came about at one of tehse events too. Raindance begins tonight ... Woohoo!

Are you going Ram?


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