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Poster giveaway! Brave One, Signed Flying Scotsman!

TheBraveOne.jpgHere's a great competition for anyone in the UK, U.S. and Canada. I have seven posters to give away, amongst them are posters for the Jodie Foster film The Brave One, a unique, one of a kind poster for The Flying Scotsman, the Robin Williams starrer License to Wed, and also the new Nancy Drew poster.

They are all free to win, and the question couldn't be easier. Here's how you could win one of the posters, as well as details of who can win which and photos of each of them.

Good luck, remember it's totally free to enter.

This competition is closed
This competition is closed

U.S. and Canada Competition: The Brave One posters
FIrst up we have a competition for U.S. and Canadian residents. I have three posters of Jodie Foster's new film The Brave One to give away, you can see a small version of the poster in the image at the top left of the story. It's a very cool poster and by answering this very simple question you can win one. Please include the word BRAVE in the subject of the email.

What is the name of the actor who plays the fiancée of Jodie Foster's character?

TheFlyingScotsman_NZPoster.jpgUK Competition: Unique, one of a kind, signed Flying Scotsman poster
Next this competition is for UK residents. and presents a slightly tougher one. However this is for a one of kind, one off prize. Something you're probably never going to be able to get anywhere else, ever. A poster for The Flying Scotsman film, flown from New Zealand and personally signed by the Director Douglas Mackinnon.

This is totally unique, and totally free. Just answer the following question and include the word SCOTSMAN in the subject of the email.

Johnny Lee Miller stars alongside Brian Cox in The Flying Scotsman, which other film have they both starred together in?

LicensetoWed.jpgUK Competition: License to Wed poster
Now there's a poster that was previously only available to U.S. and Canadian entrants. There's the chance to win one poster for License to Wed, the film starring Robin Williams, and this is for UK residents only. To enter, just answer the following question and include the word LICENSE in the subject of the email.

Name a film where Robin Williams played a robot?

NancyDrew.jpgUK Competition: Nancy Drew posters
Finally there are three posters to be one that were only available to U.S. and Candian entrants before, this one is now only for UK residents, and gives you the chance to win one of two Nancy Drew posters. To enter, answer the following question and include the word DREW in the subject of your email.

With whom was Nancy Drew associated with in the title of some of the Nancy Drew novels?

Couldn't be simpler. Now once you have your competition chosen, just send an email to competition@filmstalker.co.uk with the answer, your full name and your full postal address, and add the relevant word into the subject line then send it off.

Remember that your details are kept by me only and are deleted once you've been notified. We need your postal address to send the prizes, and I'll not be giving them to anyone else.

All the competitions are running until the 21st of September 2007. Good luck!

This competition is closed



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