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Rambo “trailer” online

Rambo.jpgNow I write trailer in quotes as the so called trailer is more a sequence of gory clips strung together as one. However, forget the titling of what the clip is or isn't, this is another hugely powerful clip from the upcoming John Rambo.

I'm really getting excited about this late comeback for John Rambo, after the great comeback that Sylvester Stallone gave Rocky (Filmstalker review), and seeing the clips and trailers to date, I have high expectations for this film.

I think as long as the film holds true to the core of the story being a man who doesn't want to fight,who doesn't believe in war and would rather live a peaceful life. It's that opening speech from Rambo where you can feel the power of that dichotomy.

Then there's the seriously violent aspect to the film, and I'm hoping it's going the right way. I hope it won't just be violent scenes but it's going to turn around and use the opportunity to show the full horrors of war.

So watch the new trailer and see what you think:

http://view.break.com/362761 - Watch more free videos

The embedded video comes through MoviesOnline.

As I say, a cracking clip, but I think that the first trailer was the better one, what do you think?



I'm still trying to get over the amount of blood that SPURTS out of the dead bodies. WOW. Talk about a return to crazy ass action of the 80s.

Although is it crazy or is it going to be realistic? I hope the latter rather than just going mad with it all.


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