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Redford directs Against All Enemies

RobertRedford.jpgRobert Redford becomes the latest big name attached to the project of Against All Enemies (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), the memoirs of Richard A. Clarke who was the counterterrorism advisor to three U.S. Presidents.

His memoirs say that he continually pushed for more concentration on Al Qaeda attacks before September the 11th but was told instead that Iraq was a higher priority. Wow, he must really carry a lot of resentment.

According to the Variety article Columbia Pictures had the project but put it in turnaround, where they previously had Paul Haggis attached to direct and Sean Penn was also rumoured to be playing Clarke himself.

Now Capitol Films have picked up Against All Enemies and Robert Redford looks set to direct, this is despite the fear from Columbia that there are too many anti-Iraq films out there...too many? Surely there's not enough that are exploring that particular sore point of recent history?

Jamie Vanderbilt has written the screenplay which puts Richard Clarke at the centre of the film and looks to be a very political thriller for the Director, and a great fit it is too. I think this could be the best thing for the film, not that I'm saying Paul Haggis wouldn't have been great, but Redford can really get a lot out of tight political thrillers.



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