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Resident Evil: Extinction plot revealed?

ResidentEvilExtinction.jpgThe red carpet première for Resident Evil: Extinction has just given away a huge plot twist that has been kept out of all the trailers and clips to date.

Well, it's been hinted at very subtlety, but here it's blasted right in front of your eyes, and if you hadn't guessed it then you no doubt will now. Of course it may not be the actual ending, but it reflects the title and answers the end of the trilogy. Do not read on if you don't want the spoiler.

The red carpet event shows the heavily pregnant and absolutely glowing Milla Jovovich surrounded by loads of models dressed as her character – i.e. clones of Alice. You can see the photos of the event over at Bloody Disgusting.

If you have seen the clips and trailer then you'll notice a moment when she puts her hand against a bubble containing another human, looking much like her and genetically created.

Put the two together, and the scene showing the Umbrella corporation seeing through her eyes and attempting to control her, and you pretty much have the answer.

Resident Evil: Extinction is about the extinction of the zombies by mass produced clones of Alice courtesy of the Umbrella corporation. They'll do the extinction work.

Why else would there be hundreds of Alice characters at the première? Do I hear a big “Doh!” coming from the marketing company?



Looks like your spot on. I saw this trailer a while ago now. Its starts with a bit about clones.


Oh yeah, I remember that, it was the first trailer for the film.

It would more or less seal the idea that they are trying to build clones of her to wipe out the zombie race.

Thanks for the reminder of that.

yea...ummm...thats not how the movie ends

Do I hear a big “Doh!” coming from the filmstalker?

Nope, that would be a big no zombiefan.

The clones are sort of like Elvis impersonators: they all look like each other, but none of them look like the original!


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