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Robotech the movie

Robotech.jpgI've always wondered why television and films about robots that join together and make one big robot always seemed to be made over Robotech, but perhaps the straight robot action of Transformers (Filmstalker review) had something to do with changing the minds of the studios, for now Warner Brothers have bought the rights to the series for a film version.

I loved the Robotech series which was from the eighties, a prime plundering point of Hollywood right now, it tells of a time when an alien spacecraft crashes on Earth and man exploits the technologies on board to create giant robots which turn into spacecraft (the logical thing you could see robots doing). It's about then that an alien race start attacking Earth and humans defend themselves with these new robots.

I think out of all the post-Transformers robot film talk that this might be the one that really offers any studio the biggest chance with a rich and potentially strong franchise. However that silly Voltron might well be in with a good chance, hey look, my robot animal can join with these other robot animals and make...another robot!

I have a lot more love for Robotech because it's more science fiction than the children's stories such as Voltron. I'd love to see it made and according to The Hollywood Reporter through IESB, that's exactly what's going to happen over at Warner Brothers.



I don’t think Maguire could be the best Choice, almost if he will be Rick Hunter in the new movie could be a disaster; I expect a movie like XMEN in the meaning that the personages are equal or betters than the original ones.
The fist generation of Robotech is too heavy, so the movie should be at least of 3 hrs of duration.
Anyways if the movie is directed by George Lucas or Pitter
Jackson, will be a success guaranteed

The project is in such early stages I find it hard to believe that a star is locked in already.

I think Guillermo Del Toro could be a nice choice, because for the Robotech moive we need fresh minds with experience, you must remember that in "Laberinto del Fauno" he used a perfect simbiosis between fantasy and reality, and in Robotech story must exsist emphasis in a propably future with a fair combination of science fiction, also the director should love the tale for make a good work.

Actually I could see him taking charge quite well, but would he do it? I don't think it's his cup of tea frankly.

I have to say that I could completely see a Sam Rami or Peter Jackson or even Bryan Singer Robotech.

I can see Toby Maguire as Rick Hunter but for me age is a factor. Remember that Rick was only 18 when he joined the RDF.


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