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Rock claims career low Damon's fault

Rock.jpgI think Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, is a great action star, and I have to wonder where he went wrong with that career path as we see him in comedies and kiddie friendly films going nowhere fast, joining a fellow fallen action star, Vin Diesel.

Rock also has acting talent, something I keep pointing to in his film Walking Tall (Filmstalker review), and so it's surprising to hear him admit that his action career has been on hold, except it's not his fault, he says it's Matt Damon.

According to his comments through WENN and Starpulse News Blog, Rock has been saying that Matt Damon has set the bar too high with the Bourne series and that action scripts have been losing their edge and become very poor.

"I love action movies but with what Matt Damon was able to do with the Bourne series and how kick-ass those movies were, he raised the bar. Whatever material comes in, if it's not that, then I'm not doing it. That's the goal."

You know I was going to come out and start blasting that comment, but thinking about it he's right. The Bourne series has had a positive effect on the action genre, something we saw reflected in the Bond series, and the action films we've been seeing of late aren't that strong. Looking back on his career the last best outing for him was Walking Tall.

It's a shame because Rock was touted as being the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even had a nod and a wink from the man in Welcome to the Jungle, but that's gone nowhere fast and since then his career has veered off track.

Can it really be down to the action genre scripts being so rubbish? Well I could believe it of Hollywood.



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