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Rocket Science cool Facebook App

RocketScience.jpgFilm Marketing can be dull, of that there's no doubt, but I have to say there's this one marketing company that are always coming up with cool ways to market films, and their latest is for the Sundance Film Festival Best Director winner, Rocket Science.

To promote the film this clever marketing company have come up with a really cool Facebook application to start your very own debates online!

The film is a high school comedy about a teenage boy with a terrible stuttering problem who joins the school debating team to try and win the girl of his dreams. You can tell there's laughs and disaster written all over this one!

You can see the application, and add it to your own profile, over at their Facebook Application page, and in a stroke (Fnarr!) of genius they've called it the Mass Debater!

These guys have got their fingers on the...well something! I've already added it to mine and added a question and an answer of my own, looks like it could be a controversial application.



Now this explains why you added it to your apps. :)


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