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Rogue website and trailer online

Rogue.jpgThe previous Rogue clips haven't left me feeling inspired, but the one that heads up the new Rogue website does look pretty strong. In fact it looks like something I might just watch.

Still, I can't help but feeling that this is a strange choice for Greg McLean, who gave us the excellent Wolf Creek (Filmstalker review), Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan and Sam Worthington. Perhaps I am missing something as I have done with all the previous footage until now.

The story for Rogue is simple. A group head out on a tour in Australia, some of whom are looking for the alleged killer crocodile that is so huge it is taking humans whole and attacking boats. Oh yes, they find it.

You can see this trailer over at the official Rogue site [QT:Embed] through Jo Blo. I actually think this is a huge improvement.



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