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Ryder and Rourke in The Informers

MickeyRourke.jpgWinona Ryder and Mickey Rourke are joining the cast of The Informers, which we knew was already puffed out with Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Brandon Routh, Austin Nichols, Ashley Olsen, Jon Foster and Lou Pucci.

The Informers is a Bret Easton Ellis story which is set through a week in 1993 Los Angeles and pulls characters together from seven different storylines including characters such as a movie executive, rock star, kidnapper and even a vampire.

The news from Coming Soon tells us that Winona Ryder and Mickey Rourke are also joining the Gregor Jordan film. Gregor Jordan is announced for The Tripods film and brought us the excellent Buffalo Soldiers.

That cast now looks superb on paper, and it's not just big names in there, but big names with some edge. Well, okay three of them with edge.



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