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Scott and Washington in Pelham 123

DenzelWashington.jpgSeeing the unbelievably long pre-strike release list for the Hollywood studios production list is incredible, they've got more films scheduled on there than they can surely cope with, but one looks like it will definitely get made, the remake of The Taking of Pelham One Two Three by Director Tony Scott.

The news today is that he's teaming up with regular partner Denzel Washington who is set to take the lead that was once played by Walter Matthau. Denzel Washington and Tony Scott have worked together on Crimson Tide, Man on Fire and Déjà Vu (Filmstalker review) – remember that one?

The original The Taking of Pelham One Two Three was a crime thriller that sees a group of men hijack a subway train and demand a ransom, it starred Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam, Hector Elizondo and Earl Hindman as the kidnappers, who all carried codenames such as Mr Green, Mr Brown and Mr Gray – heard that anywhere before? Walter Matthau played the policeman trying to stop them.

I've never seen the film but it did receive a lot of critical acclaim and was remade for television in 1998 and starred Edward James Olmos, Vincent D'Onofrio, Donnie Wahlberg, Richard Schiff, Lisa Vidal, Tara Rosling, Kenneth Welsh and Lorraine Bracco.

The story comes from Entertainment Weekly through Coming Soon.

With Tony Scott we know we'll get something visually strong and filled with tension and thrills, and if Denzel gets something challenging in his role and not the normal character he's given then we're likely to see something special, we have in most cases that these two have been brought together.



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