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Sean Kingston denied B.I.G.

NotoriousBIG.jpgWell after Sean Kingston was bragging about how he has been given a chance to play Notorious B.I.G., the producers have been thinking otherwise, and today they've denied knowledge of him gaining the lead role.

At the time I was dubious, for the producers had just issued an open casting call to absolutely anyone for the role, they wouldn't lock it down so suddenly, after all they must have hundreds of thousands of auditions to see.

Still, Sean Kingston, singer of Beautiful Girls, previously said:

"I had auditioned for it and I met with the director and I nailed it and he gave me a shot now at being in the movie."

Now though, from WENN through Starpulse News Blog, producer Wayne Barrow says that this just isn't true.

"As producers of the biopic Notorious, we felt compelled to quell the various false media reports indicating Sean Kingston has landed the coveted role of portraying The Notorious B.I.G. in the upcoming film. The role for B.I.G. is 100 per cent open and we are diligently searching for the individual to seize the moment and fill those giant shoes of greatness, everyone is being considered, including Sean Kingston but no one has been chosen."

Well, it was the case that Kingston was fishing for the role, and let me point out that the original story has the quote directly from Kingston, so it wasn't the media making this up, unless they made up the quote!

I wonder if he's now blown it for the chance of the role? I guess if there's someone else out there that can play B.I.G. Better then he's lost it. Do you think you could? If so get yourself into those open auditions.



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