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See pre-release screenings for free

Do you fancy seeing a free film? A film that's not being released to the general public for a good few weeks? Not just any film either, but big releases?

Well you can if you want to, thanks to Filmstalker. I can get you into these preview screenings for free and in return all you have to do is write a review for the film. How easy is that?

First though you need to prove that you can write well, so I need to see some track record of good writing, and secondly you need to be in or around London for the screenings. That's it, other than that it's free.

Sometimes there are even press conferences and stars to meet, so you may also have to record or take notes of the Q&A's and transcribe them too, and perhaps even ask a few questions yourself.

Sounds like a terrible deal doesn't it? Well there are four or five active right now on the Filmstalker Facebook discussion board, so head over there and request to join up and you could start being sent to the pre-release screenings.



Shame I'm not in/around London. Although, I've already got enough to see in general release. 1408 then Superbad, 3:10 to Yuma, Shoot 'em Up & Disturbia... and that's just *this* week! Shame, I need to get in to writing up a lot of the movies I watch too. Should be good for whoever takes it up.


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