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Sex and the City gains more original cast

SexandtheCity.jpgAnother couple of stars from the Sex and the City television series have been confirmed for the film outing, and they are both men.

Jason Lewis, Evan Handler and David Eigenberg are both signed for the film according to New Line. How are they you may ask? Well it's easy if you want to do the research, otherwise, read on.

Jason Lewis plays Jerry "Smith" Jerrod, the man who played the significant other of Samantha Jones, the male model with the stunning body who was advertising vodka and what not.

Evan Handler plays the bald headed man, Harry Goldenblatt, the significant other of Charlotte York.

David Eigenberg plays Steve Brady, the barman and significant other of Miranda Hobbes.

So that's the news through MTV Movies Blog direct from New Line, with a load of the original cast of Sex and the City on board along with Chris Noth as Mr Big and all the girls. It certainly is looking good so far, the only think left is the story...



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