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Sex and the City spoilers

SexandtheCity.jpgWell if you see the title of the story from the site I'm quoting then you'll already have had the storyline spoiled for you whether you wanted to or not, I hate when sites do that. So I'll keep this huge plot spoiler hidden from you until later on in the story to see if you want to know or not.

Ready? Well an on set report has revealed a big secret about one of the main characters, and I'll tell you about it in the main story.

Kirstin Davis, who plays Charlotte, was seen running from a restaurant during a scene with Mr Big. He, Chris Noth, was running after her and she was shouting "I curse the day you were born". The story comes through Digital Spy, and I heard it on Radio 1 this morning.

Could be anything couldn't it? Until you hear the big bit - she was made to look heavily pregnant, and as she left the restaurant it looked as though she went into labour and was rushed away in a car.

Now remember I'm writing all this from the character's point of view, I'm not saying that Kirstin Davis really went into labour on the set of Sex and the City!

However it does show that Charlotte is pregnant and is going to give birth during the film. Is it also starting to show us that Mr Big and Carrie are going to have a falling out? Mr Big couldn't have made Charlotte pregnant could he? Not that quickly anyway!

Charlotte is pregnant, that's for sure, and at the end of the series we saw her trying to adopt. Expect more spoilers and panic filled stories as they happen...my red wine glass is empty.



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