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Shake Hands with the Devil feature trailer online

ShakeHandswiththeDevil.jpgShake Hands with the Devil (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) really shook me, it has made me think of foreign affairs in a different light and examine the poor politics of our so called civilised countries that make up the UN. It's a harrowing and moving book, and one that needs to be read. Now it has been adapted for film and the trailer has appeared online.

Shake Hands with the Devil tells the story of General Dallaire's efforts to lead the UN in Rwanda as Civil War and Genocide broke out there. He tried to protect so many people and tried to stop mass murder while politicians who controlled him, his forces and his supplies argued over the term Genocide, refused to allow him to intervene and held back men, bullets, vehicles, petrol and even food to the forces.

Roy Dupuis stars as the man who saw many die while he and his men tried to do all he could. He personally suffered as a result of his command there, not only physically and mentally, but he was also blamed for the deaths of soldiers under his command. It seemed everyone was to blame but the pathetic politicians.

Deborah Kara Unger also stars in the Roger Spotiswoode directed film adapted directly from Dallaire's book, and the trailer conjures up many memories of reading the novel.

I would urge you to read that book, or to have a look at the documentary as well as to see this feature film.



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