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Shyamalan talks Avatar

MNightShyamalan.jpgI had no real idea what Avatar: The Last Airbender was about until I heard about the M. Night Shyamalan project, and what he has been saying about the story has me even more interested. Interested enough to hunt out the series and have a look for myself.

The story is about four nations, Earth, Fire, Water and Air, who each have powers related to their element. They once lived on their planet in peace, until the nation of Fire attacked the others and the Airbender, the only one to master all four elemental powers, was turned to to restore order. That's when he disappeared. Now a new Airbender has been found but he's young and needs training, and so the story begins.

There are some clips on-line of M. Night Shyamalan talking about the series and the characters, and not only does his passion for the project sound great, but the story of how he came to the idea of making it a film makes it sound as though he really wants to make this project for the right reasons, not for cash and a big hit.

You can see the clips over at Collider. Are you an existing fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and would you recommend it?



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