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Slower Beowulf trailer online

Beowulf.jpgThere's another Beowulf trailer online, it seems that there's been loads of trailers already, however this one is perhaps the best paced and less naughty to date.

Something it also shows are the strengths and weaknesses of this motion capture animation.

There's no doubt it looks stunning, the hair, the snow, flames, water, even people's faces look almost real, I do say almost.

Look at the scenes where Beowulf is getting angrier as he shouts his self promotion speech and watch his mouth. As it moves there's no reflection of the passion or the power of the moment, it just seems like it's simply following the movement, there seem to be some important subtle changes that drive the power of feeling through the character that just aren't there.

Still, this is just a small issue that I have with motion capture, and why it still isn't going to replace the real actor.

See what you think by heading to the new trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p].



Still looks impressive though Richard. I can't wait to go see this.


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