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Snyder posts Watchmen video

Watchmen_Poster.jpgOkay so it's Watchmen and deserves a little more hype than required, but really, if this were any other film the write up of this video release would be much, much less and perhaps a little more critical.

I don't want Zack Snyder in a short piece to camera sitting promising me more footage, photos and set reports and saying everything's going to be great, I want footage, photos and set reports, otherwise don't have a site and boast production materials.

Have a look at the video if you want, but it shows a monumental nothing. You can see it right here through Sci Fi Wire.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticising Watchmen or Zack Snyder as a talent, just that with the promise of material from the film you would think that we'd see something more come out of the first week of filming. I'd rather there was just nothing.



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