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Southland Tales trailer

SouthlandTales.jpgThe trailer for the newly redited Southland Tales is online and I finished watching it with my mouth aghast wondering just what I'd seen and how I was feeling about it.

It's really difficult to judge the trailer since it seems almost impossible to grab the idea of the story, other than this is the near future and the end of the world seems to be coming about, almost orchestrated by an unseen group. Just maybe The Rock's character is the one to stop it.

Oh, and he kisses Sarah Michelle Gellar...who plays a porn star.

Bizarre indeed. The film comes from Richard Kelly and has been through a lifetime of publicity already, you could even say it has seen its Director's Cut before the film was even released.

Richard Kelly showed the film at Cannes last year and was panned. Kelly came out and said that's because it wasn't finished editing and there were shots still to complete, etc. So he took the time to rework it and then there was a long wait. You can read more about the story just by clicking the tag below for Kelly or Southland Tales.

Eventually it was completed and the final version looks set for a November release, and with that the trailer has arrived.

You can see the full trailer for Southland Tales from Yahoo Movies in Quicktime formats – small, large and huge. Thanks to Blade Runner over at Movie-List Forums.

What do you think? I do get a feel of something akin to The Fifth Element as I'm watching this, and the obvious comparisons will arise with Donnie Darko, but I'm going to try my hardest not to prejudge it on this confusing and odd looking trailer.

Saying that though most sites are prejudging it, and I can see why.



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