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Spacey to play Al Gore's aide

KevinSpacey.jpgKevin Spacey it to play Al Gore's chief of staff Ronald Klain in the film Recount, joining John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson, Laura Dern, Denis Leary and Ed Begley Jr.

Ronald Klain was not only the chief of staff to Al Gore during the Florida farce where he clearly won as President, but he was also one of the lead attorneys who challenged the ballot "results" in Florida.

There's also quite an interesting and varied cast announced for other roles on the film.

The story from Reuters also tells us that Tom Wilkinson will play the former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker who oversaw the Republican effort to assure Bush's victory, while John Hurt will play his counterpart for the Democrats, Warren Christopher.

Laura Dern will play Katherine Harris, the Florida secretary of state, Denis Leary is to play the Democratic pollster Michael Whouley, and Ed Begley Jr. will play David Boies, the lawyer who argued for the Democrats in court.

The biggest surprise out of all the announcements for Recount is that Jay Roach is to direct, he previously directed such films as Meet the Parents and the Austin Powers films, he replaced Sydney Pollack who was previously set to direct.

Now if it had been Pollack I think this film would have been extremely powerful, with Roach I have to say the future is uncertain. I hope he can pull out something very surprising. I know we heard about it a while ago, but it still surprises me.

The film will show the events of the 2000 Presidential election in the U.S. where votes were uncounted and scrapped finally allowing George W. Bush to win over Al Gore. The film is an HBO TV film, but I can see this getting a huge release and doing superbly well abroad, particularly with the interesting and varied cast now being joined by the excellent Kevin Spacey.



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