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Stalked: 3-D filmed Moon, girls group Sex and the City photo

SexandtheCity.jpgThere's a photo of Sex and the City filming that shows all the girls back together, and a new animated film called Moon which will feature Christopher Lloyd, Tim Curry and Robert Patrick is to be filmed in 3-D from the beginning, rather than being converted.

Christopher Lloyd, Tim Curry, Robert Patrick, Adrienne Barbeau , Nicollette Sheridan and Kelly Ripa are to star in Moon, a 3-D stereoscopic animated film which will be filmed in 3-D rather than converted after the fact.

The film will tell the story of three people in their twenties that stow away on Apollo 11 headed towards the moon. Where they'll hide who knows! The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

The first girls group Sex and the City picture has appeared online over at Coming Soon, and Samantha has managed to get photographed eyeing up a young man, good for her I say, and if she were real and I was single, I'd be flattered if she did the same to me!



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