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Stalked: Don't Look Up, Atlas Shrugged, Helen, Soul Code

Tron.jpgHideo Nakata's horror film Don't Look Up (Joyuu-rei) is to be remade by the Director of Dumplings in an English language version (read Hollywood remake).

Atlas Shrugged gains a new Writer and Director in one and moves further forward to actually being made.

Helen replaces Gillian Anderson with Ashley Judd.

The Writer and Director of Tron has written a new science fiction tale that could well be getting made.

According to Variety Fruit Chan is to direct an English language remake of the Japanese horror film Don't Look Up (Joyuu-rei) originally by Hideo Nakata, the Director who is now in Hollywood remaking films himself.

The original has a film production in Transylvania which captures the images of a woman's murder on film. Fruit Chan is probably best known for his film Dumplings (Gaau ji), which is both disturbing and very uncomfortable.

Atlas Shrugged has grabbed Vadim Perelman to rewrite the script previously written by Randall Wallace. According to Variety Perelman is also set to direct the film which stars Angelina Jolie and tells the story from the Ayn Rand novel about what happens to the world when the great industrialists and thinkers go on strike.

Vadim Perelman was the Screenwriter and Director of House of Sand and Fog which was a superb film starring Jennifer Connelly, Ben Kingsley and Shohreh Aghdashloo. Well worth catching.

Ashley Judd is joining the film Helen which we previously heard that Gillian Anderson had left due to other commitments. Variety has the story. The film looks at a music professor who suffers from a terrible and debilitating depression and how her family try to help her but only a student who has also suffered from depression can relate to her problems.

Steven Lisberger who wrote and directed TRON has just sold a story he wrote called Soul Code according to Variety. The story is about the creation of a system to download a persons memories to another body. The female scientist who created the system downloads her memories to a much younger woman, and the story takes off from there. It seems that the tale will focus on the dangers of science gone too far and of science untested.



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