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Stalked: D-War 2 and 30 Days of Night photos

The Director of D-War, that's the Dragon Wars film, is already talking about a sequel even though it didn't set the U.S. alight, and there are quite a few 30 Days of Nights photos online today.

Shim Hyung-rae has revealed that he's already been asked to create a sequel to his film D-War aka Dragon Wars, and he's considering it. The story comes from KBS Global through HorrorMovies.ca who tell us that it's doing okay in the U.S., just not amazing. Well if it looks set to turn a profit worldwide, why not?

IESB has a bunch of new photos for 30 Days of Night, the film that has a bunch of vampires invading an Alaskan town that is about to be plunged into darkness for a month - can the residents survive? The film looks superb, and starts Ben Foster, Josh Hartnett and Melissa George. You can see the cracking red band trailer from a previous story here.



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