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Stalked: Five Killers, Will Smith acts more and Fiennes joins Knightley

The man who directed Good Luck Chuck is heading towards the action and thriller genres for his next film, Will Smith is to fall in love after trying to commit suicide, and Ralph Fiennes is playing the Duke to Keira Knightley's The Duchess.

Five Killers is an action thriller coming from Editor turned Director Mark Helfrich who started Directing with Good Luck Chuck. The film is written by Bob DeRosa and, according to Variety, concentrates on a former hitman whose life is thrown upside down when someone from his past puts a hit out on him.

Will Smith is set to star in another potentially strong film from the team behind The Pursuit of Happyness. From the Grant Nieporte screenplay, Seven Pounds he will star as a man who falls in love while trying to kill himself. Gabriele Muccino will once again direct the film according to Variety. This one has the potential to go serious or comedy, I hope it's serious.

According to Variety Ralph Fiennes has signed alongside Keira Knightley for The Duchess, Knightley is playing the 18th Century well to do Duchess of Devonshire, Georgina, who was quite scandalous for her time, and Fiennes will play her husband. Dominic Cooper is set to play her lover and Hayley Atwell her best friend, Lady Bess Foster. The film is adapted from the biography from Amanda Foreman.



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