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Stalked: Hollyoaks star in Dark Knight, Scorsese, Douglas and Yeoh awarded

MichelleYeoh.jpgSarah Jayne Dunn from Hollyoaks will be in The Dark Knight and various stars are receiving honours including Michelle Yeoh, Michael Douglas and Martin Scorsese.

The news that Sarah Jayne Dunn is to star in The Dark Knight may not mean much to most people, but to fans of the UK Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks, it will. Dunn played Mandy in the younger soap that is actually rather entertaining, and takes advantage of the Sunday morning hangover slot.

Now let's be frank, Dunn is gorgeous to look at, as are many of the Hollyoaks cast, but she's no great actress, as are many of the Hollyoaks cast. I actually find it quite a surprise that she's bagged a role in The Dark Knight and it's fair to say that she's not got that big a part.

The story from the Liverpool Daily Post through Batman on Film and Obsessed With Film. Frankly most people won't even know who she is!

Michelle Yeoh, the gorgeous and very talented Asian star, is to receive the Legion of Honor, the highest French honour a civilian can receive according to Yahoo News.

Meanwhile according to Yahoo News, Martin Scorsese is set to receive an award from the Kennedy Center as part of their 30th annual Honors. Steve Martin is also to receive an award, but that's for his comedy, not for his film work...after all who would reward The Pink Panther remake?

Azcentral.com have the news that Michael Douglas will be honoured at the Savannah Film Festival this year with lifetime achievement awards. Vanessa Redgrave, Lynn Redgrave and Corin Redgrave will also be honoured at the event.



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