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Stalked: Hot Fuzz team's new script and Justice League Director

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are working on a new script together, that's one of their own in the style of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and George Miller finally gets the announcement for Justice League Director, almost two months after the story broke.

Simon Pegg has been talking about his next collaboration with Nick Frost, a film they've been writing together and are going to set in America. Paul is the story of two British blokes, who Simon Pegg describes as geeks, taking a road trip in America.

That's about all there is so far, and the story in MTV Movies Blog doesn't really give us anything more. Still, it is good that the two are on a project together that is truly their own.

Not much to say on this apart from what we already know – just hit the tag link below the story on Justice League for all the rumours so far – George Miller is confirmed for Directing the Justice League of America film by Variety.

No Bale or Routh, but new actors cast and the superheroes would not be seen in their alter egos so there's no need for the actors to really look like their counterpart actors in their single series. Live action with heavy CGI, and that's about it so far.



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