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Stalked: LaPaglia in East Timor film and Coppola's script stolen

FrancisFordCoppola.jpgFrancis Ford Coppola's script for his new film is stolen at gunpoint, and the uber-cool Anthony LaPaglia is set to go missing from missing and head to the political thriller Balibo.

Francis Ford Coppola's latest film script, Tetro, has been stolen in an organised armed raid on his Argentinian offices. According to police the staff were tied up and held at gunpoint while a gang made away with valuables and computer equipment.

Although not the only copy, a script for Coppola's latest film Tetro was saved on one of the computers. Luckily this means the film can go ahead still. Tetro will film next year and stars Matt Dillon as an Italian immigrant artist according to Associated Press through Yahoo News.

The very enigmatic Anthony LaPaglia (I think he's great on screen) has signed up for a political thriller about East Timor.

Balibo is a political thriller which deals with the events surrounding the shooting of five Australian journalists during the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975. According to Reuters through Yahoo News Australian playwright David Williamson wrote the script and Robert Connolly will direct.



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