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Stalked: New Wolverine writer, Biel not Wonder Woman

Jessica Biel has turned down Wonder Woman, so who's next, and there's a screenwriter change on Wolverine.

IGN has the story that a new scriptwriter has been brought in for the Gavin Hood directed Wolverine. Previously David Benioff had written the script, now Skip Woods has been brought on board for some work.

The story is everywhere, but I just picked it out of the ether from MTV Movies Blog. Entertainment Weekly have said that Jessica Biel has turned down the role of Wonder Woman in the Justice League of America film that she had had been reportedly offered. So who next?



I don't have a problem with Biel but my sister does, this news will truly make her day.

WOOHOOOO! jessica biel looks 40, why don't you see that? she could be wonderwoman's grandma.

I don't like Jessica Biel either, so that's good news for Wonder Woman. As for Wolverine, I'm liking Benioff's CV than Woods', but I might change my mind after Hitman.


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