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Stalked: Phillippe, Green in British sci-fi, Mexican Sea of Dreams

EvaGreen.jpgA new British science fiction film is announced with Ryan Phillippe and Eva Green on board, and the Mexican English language film Sea of Dreams is released in the U.S. today.

Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green and Sam Riley are joining the film Franklyn, a futuristic thriller which is set in London and a metropolis which is dominated by faith. It tells the story of four lost souls separated by two parallel worlds which are on course for an explosive collision.

Variety tells us that a single bullet decides their fates. The film comes from the first time Director Gerald McMorrow and the film is primarily UK funded for US $12 million.

Previously I wrote about the plot in great detail and about the rumour that Ewan McGregor was on board, however that has never moved further forward, here's the plot blurb from back then:

...Preest is a masked vigilante detective, searching for his nemesis on the streets of Meanwhile City; a monolithic fantasy metropolis ruthlessly governed by faith and religious fervor. Esser is a broken man, searching for his wayward son amongst the rough streets of London’s homeless. Milo is a heartbroken thirty-something desperately trying to find a way back to purity of first love. Emilia is a beautiful art student, her suicidal art projects are becoming increasing more complex and deadly.

Sounds strange indeed.

The story from Variety about the Mexican film Sea of Dreams gaining a release today in the U.S. caught my eye because of the interesting sound plot:

“...a young woman who is shunned by the people in her Mexican village because they believe she is cursed by the sea and that any man who loves her will die. When a stranger comes to town and falls in love with her, everyone must question old beliefs.”

José Bojorquez directed and co-wrote the film along with David Howard. It does sound intriguing, and with it gaining a U.S. release you would suspect it's good.



Your interest is much appreciated
It's a beautiful film
Made with passion
A nice change from the majority of films being released nowadays


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