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Stalked reviews: Magneto and Sleuth

KennethBranagh.jpgI know you're wondering how a review of Magneto could be on the Interplageriser already, well that's because it's a script review, and the word is that it's a stonker of a dark and violent script. Also there is an interesting review from TIFF for Kenneth Branagh's Sleuth remake which I'm really keen to see.

The Magneto film will return us to the character's roots, and see what often destroys a character for an audience, his origin. However from all accounts this one is extremely positive.

With Sleuth, I was expecting great and bad things, and it seems we have somewhere inbetween. I thought Jude Law would be terrible and Kenneth Branagh amazing with Michael Caine sliding neatly in between. I might have been wrong on all counts.

It seems that Collider have the word from one of their readers about the Magneto script that they managed to read, and the word is good. The story will, as we've heard before, look back to the youth of Magneto when he was in Auschwitz, the terrors he saw there, and the revenge he begins to play out in slightly later years.

There's also the tie in of the Fourth Reich's attempts to keep breeding a master race, but this time with the mutants, and there will be the first few meetings with Xavier in an Israeli institute.

“I do worry that some of the violence, necessary to truly understand what drives Erik to embrace his deadly destiny, will be lost in transition to the screen in an effort to make this appeal to a wide audience. I’m worried that the casting office has the monumental task of discovering a young Erik Lehnsherr (and Charles Xavier for that matter). I’m worried about the weight of this material in the hands of the film’s director. I am not, however, worried about this script and you shouldn’t worry either...Fans of the comic books and films alike will appreciate early appearances of Cerebro and some brief, but notable mutant cameos.”

So the concerns seem to be around how to take this excellent script forward to film, however with David S. Goyer having written the screenplay and also scheduled to direct, I think the only pressure will be from the studio. I pray they don't water down the material to try and achieve market saturation – surely there would be healthier returns in creating a darker and truer tale of the character's past?

Meanwhile Cinematical have started over at TIFF, and they've been writing up fast. They've caught Sleuth, the remake by Kenneth Branagh of the film starring Michael Caine and Sir Laurence Olivier based on the Anthony Shaffer stage play. This version sees Michael Caine take up the role that Sir Laurence Olivier played, and Jude Law fill the vacant slot.

Law's character has been sleeping with Caine's character's wife. Caine is rich and seemingly bored and lazy, Law is young, far from rich, and full of life. Caine invites the young man to his house for a rather frank discussion, and at first what appears to be a pay-off and an agreement.

The review over at Cinematical is brief, but to the point. The film is good. Nothing amazing, but good.

“...it's not just stunt casting that sees Caine return; he's good in the part...Law is all lean and hungry angles in his. Director Kenneth Branagh makes their verbal sparring play out like a knife fight with sharp words...

...it's a chance to see two very good actors (who also happen to be movie stars) work with very good material under the direction of a very good director...Sleuth is light entertainment made by heavy-hitters...”

It does sound a little dismissive and harsh, and being such a huge fan of Branagh I think there might be more to this than they're giving it in the review, but they do say that everything is good.

I'm still keen on seeing it, and I most definitely will.



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