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Stalked: Reynolds Adventureland and Garner Ghosts

JenniferGarner.jpgJennifer Garner is in talks to join Matthew McConaughey in another romantic comedy called Ghosts of Girlfriends Past while Ryan Reynolds and Kirsten Stewart have joined another romantic comedy called Adventureland.

Jennifer Garner is in talks to join Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, a film about a bachelor, played by Matthew McConaughey, who attends his younger brother's wedding and is visited by the ghosts of his past and future girlfriends who try to connect him with his true love, played by the luscious Jennifer Garner. Sounds a bit more interesting than the norm, but romantic comedies seem to be a staple diet for McConaughey of late. According to Reuters through Yahoo News, Mark Waters is directing, he previously directed Mean Girls and is working on The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Ryan Reynolds and Kirsten Stewart have joined Adventureland alongside Jesse Eisenberg. Greg Mottola who just directed Superbad will be directing the film about an uptight college graduate, played by Eisenberg, who is forced to take a minimum wage job at the local amusement park when his dreams of a world tour go down the tubes. Don't I remember that when I was a student. During his time there he opens up, experiences life, and becomes a far better person for it. Oh, and surprisingly he finds his first love in the guise of Stewart. Reynolds is set to play an aspiring rock star and the coolest guy around. The story comes from Yahoo News.



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