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Stalked: Sex and the City picture and Sideways attacked

The first photo has appeared online for the Sex and the City film which finally proves that it really is going ahead, even if the photo is staged it's still a good one.

Also a Californian film-maker is claiming that the film Sideways drastically affected the sales of Merlot, and so he's making a film called Merlove to try and counter the negative downturn.

Staged set photos, never mind set photos, don't really interest me that much, but I am a fan of Sex and the City and this picture has Mr Big and a nice shiny car, so how could I not resist?

If we weren't sure before, we are now. The Sex and the City film is most definitely on right now. The photo comes from MTV Movies Blog and can be seen by all – Yipppie!

According to Teletext documentary maker Rudy McClain was a bit upset about the negative view of Merlot in the film Sideways (Filmstalker review) and so he's making a film called Merlove which will defend the wine.

Apparently the release of Sideways led to a drop in Merlot sales, something I think is complete rubbish or complete coincidence, and if anyone watches Sideways and decides their drinking habits on a few seconds worth of dialogue from a fictional character, then they shouldn't be allowed to drink alcohol!



Hey, that Sideways thing is true. I read about that in more than one place back in 2005. It was even a special on Dateline or 60 Minutes or one of those silly evening "news" shows.

Anyway, agreed. You don't drink Merlot because a fictional character doesn't like it? Stupid.

And for the record, I love Merlot. But my fav is Shiraz (with a little Cab blend). Mmmmmm.

Oh I'm a Barolo, Barossa and Rioja fan myself, and the only non-red I really love is Prosecco.

I still don't believe it. Those that are dumb enough to be influenced by that surely wouldn't be watching something as intelligent as Sideways...wasn't there some romantic/action no-brainer on at the time?

HAHAHA Nice topic Richard.

I do enjoy a Merlot every now and then and laughed out loud when it was mentioned in the movie but come on, why would you let it influence you into not buying a wine of your preference?

I'm not much into reds, as I do love whites more -Pinot Grigio mostly and Rose.


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