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Stalked: Stepfather gets Director, Cheadle in another Hotel

DonCheadle.jpgDon Cheadle amusingly swaps his Rwanda Hotel for one filled with dogs, while the remake of the horror film Stepfather gains Nelson McCormick as a Director.

I have never seen the original Stepfather, the story of a teenage boy who finds out that his Stepfather is a serial killer who has murdered many families before this one, but the concept has been used time and time again.

Now it's being remade and Nelson McCormick has been signed to direct according to Variety. McCormick just finished the Prom Night remake, so he's on familiar ground then.

Don Cheadle, who starred in the very strong Hotel Rwanda (Filmstalker review), is turning to another Hotel film, except this one features animals, children and is a family film from DreamWorks. According to Variety Hotel for Dogs will also star Emma Roberts and will tell the story of two orphans who hide stray dogs in an abandoned hotel. Cheadle plays a social worker who tries to keep the children out of trouble. Sounds awful.



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