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Stalked: Two minutes of IMAX Transformers and To directs online novel

Not only will the IMAX version of Transformers carry a whole two minutes of film saving footage, but Johnny To is set to lead a trilogy based on a successful online novel.

A successful online novel called Gui Chui Deng (Ghost Blows Out the Light) has been bought by Meridian Pictures for a planned trilogy and has Johnny To attached to produce all three and direct one.

According to Variety the novel has attracted a number of big name filmmakers and they mention that Stanley Tong and Benny Chan have been, or are, interested.

At the moment there's only one story but the author Zhang Muye is busy preparing a prequel and sequel for the trilogy.

The IMAX release of Transformers (Filmstalker review) will have two extra minutes, and that's from Michael Bay himself over on his official blog.

I doubt those two minutes can clear up all the story problems the film had then. See the Filmstalker review for an explanation.



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