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Stalked: Zwigoff on $40,000 and Valkyrie in Germany

The $40,000 Man comedy gets a Director and Valkyrie is going to shoot in Germany after all.

I wrote about The $40,000 Man back in July, a comedy that would tell the same story as The Six Million Dollar Man but with a smaller budget for the people putting the crashed astronaut back together, hence he's not so bionic. Now we hear that the film has a Director in Terry Zwigoff who directed Bad Santa and Ghost World, and is writing the film along with Daniel Clowes repeating the team who wrote Art School Confidential and Ghost World. The story comes from Variety.

According to Variety the German Defense Ministry have allowed Valkyrie in to film at the Bendlerblock, the site where the conspirators who tried to assassinate Hitler were themselves executed. When they announced their change of heart they mentioned the small mindedness of some of those who commented against the filming, and almost missing out on the chance to allow the story of the plot members and their leader Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg from being heard globally. Previously they had refused Valkyrie permission, mainly due to the negativity Tom Cruise's scientology beliefs were receiving.



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