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The cars of The Fast and the Furious 4

HondaS2000.jpgThe Fast and the Furious 4 has been confirmed with a 2009 release date and Justin Lin as Director, anything else you may have heard is rumour and speculation, but the film is definitely going into pre-production and will hopefully be filmed pre strike.

So with it definitely going ahead I wondered what cars you'd like to see in The Fast and the Furious 4.

Although I love cars, I'm not into modding them and tricking them out, I love just the elegance of looks, the feel of the drive, and a bit of power. So that pretty much defines what I would like to see.

Saying that I really appreciate the work and style of modded cars, but for me personally the list of cars I'd like to see is limited to:

Honda S2000 GT
It's my car and I adore driving it, and with it appearing in two of the other films - I don't think it was in the third - I'd love to see it back. Oh and I'd prefer if it wasn't pink again! The black one was much cooler.

Muscle Cars
I love the throaty growl of the muscle cars and the big, more phallic look to the cars. There's little in the way of smooth and gentle aerodynamics and it's all hard lines and big beefyness.

There's a rawness and almost uncontrollable power to them I love too, like an untamed huge beast. Yeah, more muscle cars I say. Dodge Charger, Corvette, Shelby GT, Ford Mustang, to name but a few

Supercars (maybe)
I say maybe because there's no real fit in the Fast and the Furious world for the top end supercars like the Ferrari Enzo, yet there are more attainable versions for the richer racers.

A few appearances from some older Lambourghini's and Ferrari's, lower end Aston Martin's, a Honda NSX or two, these would be great to see as I love the sleek looks and the incredible power and noise from them.

However I do know that these wouldn't really fit into the Fast and the Furious world since they are more the playboy's racing toy.

So really, for me it's more muscle cars and an appearance from my favourite, the S2k.

What about you? Would you prefer muscle or import? Rawer or heavily modded? Do you see a place in the Fast and the Furious for supercars?

I know from the other Fast and the Furious topics on the site that you lot are much more knowledgeable on cars and imports than I am, so you'll no doubt have specific favourites. So tell us what they are.



Dodge Charger! YES!

And yes, I'm slightly biased.... ;)

I like the new muscle cars and the sleek lines to them. I want to see modded tuners and no modded muscle cars, only wheels and led tail lights. This should be a rival movie for american vs jap vs euro. I also want to euro civics and jap civics. We need the civic as one of the main vehicle bc the civic is the most sought after car of the tuner era

If this movie does takes place in mexico, it should show later on in the movie some immigrants trying to get in the US. Use the world news to your advantage. It should return to LA. We also need an official poster for this new movie asap. You know to keep the hype up. Its called marketing. The muscle car theme is not going to work for this movie, everybody into fuel efficent sport cars. Keep body kit clean with smooth lines and spend money into cars and not alot of wrecking cars. When the movie starts, vin diesel should be talking

Ok jus heard about the script for f&f4, it sounds ok. Im jus confused about paul walker being a cop and the set time of this movie. I wonder if drifting will be in this movie. I just liked the camera angles and the technique. I think drifting is only good for chase scenes and get aways. This movie needs another rapper, bring lil wayne for alittle camera shot and the movie will sell big!!! I bet you he would do it. Bow wow is no comparison.

The script is set. now it is time to start making the movie now the movie. This movie has enough time to make in theaters before the end of summer 2008. I cant wait for summer of 2009. Jus go with what yall got now and jus improvise. Vin diesel you are kool for coming back. Yall need to make this movie before gas prices hit 5 dollars a gallon. Cause this will effect box office sales bc people will say f&f was in vein

I must be the only one who knows about this thread. I heard about some more about the plot about this movie. Vin is going to be transporting heroin. It is time for people to die now, heroin get you some prison time. Paul Walker better give up his mission and dip cause Braga is going to shoot him down. Paul walker needs to escape with vin diesel to tokyo.

I must be the only one who knows about this thread. I heard about some more about the plot about this movie. Vin is going to be transporting heroin. It is time for people to die now, heroin get you some prison time. Paul Walker better give up his mission and dip cause Braga is going to shoot him down. Paul walker needs to escape with vin diesel to tokyo.

Hey Hondakid you're not the only one reading it, I am! I read all the comments that come in.

However you aren't catching the latest stories about the film - either select the "Fast and the Furious 4" tag at the bottom of the story, keep your eye on the front page, or see the headlines on the right hand column.

Just today I wrote about the entire new plot, the return of Mia, the reveal of why Brian and Dom are back and helping each other, amongst other things.

Have a look here.

Brian should drive a 06 mistibushi eclipse or wrx sti. Dominic should have some kind of muscle car with good handling. The whole boy racer scene has passed and no crazy vinyl, to extreme body kits, big wings that dont go with certain cars, no flame throwers. This movie needs lots of cars like 2f2f, this part is critical

Oh forgot mention the nissan skyline gtr, the holy grail of the tuner world.

Definately got to have a srt-4 now.

the car u should defenelty use is the new nissan skyline,or i think its called g-r,that car is hotttttttt.


O and he cops if there is any,they should ride those new chargers,like to catch brian or dom,with there gt-r and the Bmw CS.

I would like to see the new GT-R, Civic Type R, Evo VIII or X, 350 Z, Silvia S-15, GT 500 (new), S 2000, Supra, Eclipse (new) and a Golf GTI.

Yeah, another S2000 fan! I'm not too hot on the Golf GTI or some of the others, but throw in a GT-R and Evo for sure.

muscle all the way.

You sould definately use the toyota supra again. the supra is what amped really up the popularity of super tuners.I have driven many tuner cars and the supra by far is the most high performance car. I recently purchased one and it toasts absolutly everything that goes against it! You should also use a 1968-1972 chevy nova ss. it's the perfect size and weight for a race car. it is smaller and lighter then most muscle cars. you can easily put a big block in it and get that big block power!!!!

I wanna finish Tokyo drift where Van diesel came in. I want to see that race and go from there I would like to see more drifting because now days its about drifting not drag [Expletive removed - Richard] drag men drift

r35 needs to be in it for sure. And they need to stop making the imports so riced looking. Its created a lot of idiots especially in the Chicago area who think that custom paint, decals, rims, spoiler, and a body kit will make you fast. I agree with hondakid. It needs a clean little ej or em or maybe even ek. slammed, k20, intake, exhaust, etc. It just needs a clean jdm. And a clean gsx. dsm needs love too.

I havent seen it yet (on screens on thursday, right?) but i would love to see the new Nissan GT-R, i love that car!

Depends where you are Steve, but USA is 3rd and the UK is 10th, 16th for Australia. Basically it's worldwide from 2nd to the 16th.

would loved that the GTR made a cameo. its a solid car much better in handling than the subaru WRX STI that cannot work well. here are the cars that SHOULD have appeared:

Porsche 997 turbo GT2
Aston Martin DBS
Ford GT
Shelby Mustang
Lambo Gallardo LP560-4
Lambo Murcielago LP640
Porsche Carrea GT
Merc CLS
Bently Continental GT
Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Pagani Zonda F
Konigseggeg CCXR
Porsche Caymane
Areil Atom
Jag XF
Audi R8
Audi RS6
Maeserati Gran Turismo S
Camero SS
Viper SRT-8

probably more if my mind is more straight XD

There are a some more cars, including a couple tuners!!! () One of brian's cars is a Rear wheel drive nissan skyline r34 Gt-t with GT-R R34 parts as well as a couple GT-R R35 parts, as well. Why a RWD skyline instead of a GT-R skyline (which is AWD)? Because RWDs drift better. Now that's pretty cool. I bet you're also wondering how he got all those parts, too. He got all those parts from the impound lot... FOR FREE!!!! Just goes to show: if you're a cop, the impound lot is your free parts shop.

=========== =========== FAST AND FURIOUS ROCKS!!!

The GT-R isn't a GT-R. It's a skyline coupe R34 with GT-R R34 and GT-R R35 parts.


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