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The Eye remake reshot

JessicaAlba.jpgBack in August I wrote about the Hollywood remake of The Eye getting the ending reshot by another Director, which was disappointing as the original Director's, David Moreau and Xavier Palud, had showed so much promise from their films film Ils (Them) (Filmstalker review).

Now it seems that we know the name of the Director, unless this is news that there's going to be another run of reshoots.

According to Fangoria through JoBlo the Jessica Alba starrer is having two weeks of reshots by the Director of White Noise: The Light and the Dracula: 2000 series, Patrick Lussier on board.

Instantly you can see this is bad news, especially if you've seen Ils, that film looked wonderful and the original The Eye was a great Asian horror film that actually had of scope for improvement. Now it might all be thrown out the window.

This means that someone wasn't happy with the ending, and that could mean test screenings or just the studio executives. It's also interesting that the original Director's aren't on board, which could mean that they didn't like their work, or that they were simply just busy on another project.

Whatever the reasons I don't think it looks good for The Eye.



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