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The Nines trailer competition

TheNines.jpgJohn August, the Writer and Director of The Nines, has just opened up a trailer competition for the film which will allow you to edit together a wealth of material to make a new trailer for the film, and if you win you might just get it included on the DVD as well as shown at the debut screening of the film.

All you need to do is edit footage from the hundred and twenty four second clips of The Nines that are online and make a superb new trailer. What's better is that John August is opening the competition to mash-ups and plot reworks too, so you can make it seem like a comedy, a romantic horror, mix it with Seinfeld or Bambi, whatever you want.

For details of the competition head over to the initial details on his blog, that seems to be the best port of call to get started. There's a lot to get through and time could well be short, but getting your trailer seen with the debut screening and attached to the DVD would be superb.

Well done Mr August, this is a really cool way to get the fans involved in the film. Now get entering, and if you do, let us know about your trailer.



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