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There Will Be Blood second trailer

DanielDayLewis.jpgThere's a second trailer for the Paul Thomas Anderson film There Will Be Blood online, and thankfully this one makes a lot more sense than the previous one we saw.

The film stars the superb talents of Daniel Day-Lewis and Ciarán Hinds in a film about a Texas prospector played by Day-Lewis, who buys land that is filled with oil. However it seems that adjacent to his land is another field which he cannot buy, and his greed and ambition drive him to it.

The film looks a powerful one, and with Daniel Day-Lewis leading in a Paul Thomas Anderson adapted and directed film, I think we're in for something special. So I'm so glad that the high brow and confusing trailer we saw first has been cleared up somewhat.

Here's the trailer found through Cinema Blend:

If you forget and would like to be reminded, here's the previous trailer.



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