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Total Recall remake?

Arnie.jpgApparently so, there's either going to be a remake or a sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger science fiction film Total Recall, and it may just include the man himself.

It seems that the Weinstein's bought the rights to Total Recall some time ago and have been planning a sequel with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the driving seat once again. Now though, since so much time has passed, the rumour is out that the Total Recall remake won't be a sequel but a remake.

The rumour comes from Moviehole through Bloody Disgusting, and it seems as though it's a real early idea right now, but the idea is there none the less, and it's been with the Weinstein's for some time.

The original film saw Arnie playing a man who takes a virtual vacation to Mars, but as he comes off the machine he finds that memories are returning that he doesn't remember having. Is his life a cover and is he really destined to go to Mars and discover the truth behind his unravelling life, or is it all another virtual reality?

The story was inspired by a Philip K. Dick novel short story called We Can Remember It For You Wholesale and directed by Paul Verhoeven. Alongside Arnie starred Sharon Stone and Michael Ironside.

I can't see anyone else playing the lead character, but I actually could see a remake being made. Could it work?





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