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Travolta receives Kirk Douglas Award

JohnTravolta.jpgJohn Travolta is to receive the second annual Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film by the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and Kirk Douglas will be presenting the award himself.

Two powerful actors, both with dimples. It's great that the award will be presented by Kirk Douglas, a complete legend in film and someone of whom I am a huge fan. It's also a huge honour for John Travolta to receive the award, and perhaps this is a reflection on his earlier career more than his later one.

The news from Variety says that the event will happen on November the 16th, and that's about it, but it is an interesting thought to reflect on Travolta's career to date before he runs off and starts with Dallas and such.

I think of particular mention will be his Pulp Fiction comeback, and definitely off the table will be Battlefield Eath: A Saga of the Year 3000. I'd like to see mentioned Phenomenon and Blow Out.

What do you think are highs and lows of Travolta's career? I suspect one thing that we won't be hearing so much is a barrage about his Scientology beliefs, something that if it were Tom Cruise we would be.



It has got to be Saturday Night Fever and Grease as one of the highs as for lows, I have to think about that...


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