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Tropic Thunder swaps Wilson for McConaughey

MatthewMcConaughey.jpgMatthew McConaughey will be replacing Owen Wilson on the Ben Stiller film Tropic Thunder.

Although the role will be an uncredited cameo, it will surely be one recognised more now because of Owen Wilson's departure from the film, and I mean that it will be recognised in a positive way by audiences.

Wilson had to pull out of the film due to issues in his personal life, at the time it was a shock to his fans and those who couldn't wait to see him in another film. Once again I'm sure we all take the time to wish him a speedy recovery and that we see him back on screen when he's good and ready.

Tropic Thunder seems similar to Three Amigos, it sees a group of actors in the jungle playing soldiers helping freedom fighters a la Rambo, who get mistaken for real mercenaries by real freedom fighters and are pulled into a jungle war.

Matthew McConaughey seems a good choice for the role, and it might be a good move for him since his career hasn't been on fire of late.

The story comes from Variety.



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