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Weisz and Sevigny for Terminator 4?

RachelWeisz.jpgHuge amount of salt for this rumour I think, well with one actress at least, but the story is that both Rachel Weisz and Chloe Sevigny approached the producers for the new Terminator 4 film, Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, during a Hollywood party and enquired about the role.

Okay, first up enquired about the role isn't that odd, especially at a party. “So you're making another Terminator film? Is there a strong female character in this one?” or “Is Sarah Connor going to be in the film?” could have been enough. Still, then again it might be something more.

I personally don't see Rachel Weisz being interested in this fourth Terminator film. She's surely moved onto much better things and with Sin City 2, Lovely Bones, Dirt Music, The Brothers Bloom and The Colossus on her schedule perhaps there isn't space for this, particularly as her action film is already to be taken care of Sin City 2 whenever that is.

However I could see Chloe Sevigny up for the role much more, perhaps her enquiry was a little more pointed?

The rumour comes from Celebrity Spotlight and New York Daily News through Bloody Disgusting. The paper has the following comment:

“Chloe and Rachel personally inquired to Anderson and Kubicek about the role at the party.”

Yeah, it still sounds to me like it could have been anything from asking how they are doing on their latest project and what the story might involve to actually asking if they could get involved. Surely a lot of the job is like any other, you network and position yourself constantly, after all who knows what the producers could be doing next, it might be something that's much better than the current project.

Do you think there's any real bite to this rumour?



Hmm thats interesting Richard. Could it be a recast for the Kate Brewster character from T3, played by Clair Danes?

One to keep an eye on until the salt is announced, otherwise salt in the eye would sting!

Sounds like a total fabrication.

I have a hard time believing that this has any merit. I just can't see Weisz signing up for this. Even Sevigny is a bit of a stretch but a little more believable.

Billy I think it would be. Danes says that she was rushed into choosing that role and in a roundabout way it sounds like she regrets it.

Anyway, digressing. Yeah I think it will. I can see the fourth picking up from the third, pretty much straight away.

The more I think about it though, the less I see Weisz dumbing down to this.


Someone from the production of Terminator 4 contacted popcornjunkies and debunked the rumor.

Well since you don't name the source you'll forgive me for again taking that one with as much salt as the original rumour.

They say it was from someone who contacted them. Take it for what you will, its more legitimate than the original rumor in my opinion.

Well I think it's a safe bet to say it's wrong whoever the source, everyone is reporting it with kid gloves and disbelief.

I just don't like "a source" or "an insider" because it can mean anything and can be as much rumour-esque as the rumours themselves.

I stick by my words though, definitely not Weisz.

I think you're right. I don't see Rachel Weisz wasting her time with even reading the script let alone being in it.


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