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Welsh to film The Man Who Walks

BillyConnolly.jpgIt has just been announced that Irvine Welsh has received a couple of great steps forward to Direct his first feature film The Man Who Walks. The first is Billy Connolly, and the second is an award from Scottish Screen to the sum of GB £400,000.

This will mark the first directing role on a feature for the Trainspotting writer Irvine Welsh, and it sees Billy Connolly take the lead as a madman with a glass eye and a love of whisky in a film described as a road movie by The Scotsman.

Billy Connolly acting under Irvine Welsh's direction? Now there's an interesting duo. Connolly can give some great dramatic performances, and it'll be interesting what Welsh has in mind for the role and the actor.

What's your favourite Billy Connolly performance, is it one on stage or on screen?



It's a real shame that I havent seen much of his films but I just had the opportunity to watch Mrs. Brown recently and boy he totally bowled me over, the fact that Gerry Butler was also in the movie didnt distract me at all as to who was the real star of the film.


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