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Wild Geese remake gains Director

TheWildGeese.jpgWe knew that The Wild Geese was going to be remade months ago, and I'm not one for repeating myself to grab headlines and follow the pack, I usually do it because I've forgotten! However this repeat announcement brings with it the news of a Director attached and a continuing British slant to the story.

The original The Wild Geese starred such names as Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris and told the story of a British corporation that hires a band of over the hill mercenaries to overthrow a vicious dictator in Africa. Just as they rescue the leader of the opposition and start to head back, the corporation does a deal with the dictator and the team are betrayed. Now they're out for revenge...once they get out alive.

According to Variety through Coming Soon Rupert Sanders, who I've never heard of, has been attached to direct the remake, and his comments certainly have a little calming effect on my initial reaction months back to the news.

"It has it all: great characters, action, plot twists and revenge… We are making a tough film, taking ex-British soldiers from the murky London underworld to the battlefields in Africa."

Well that does calm me down a little. My only hope is that they can get on board some of that charisma and chemistry from the original. It doesn't necessarily have to be huge names like the original, but if they could get actors with that world weariness and strength of the original then they could just crack it.

So the question is what British talent you would choose for a modern remake of the film? It definitely has to include Sean Bean and Ray Winstone that's for sure.



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