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Win Jindabyne DVD's

Jindabyne_DVD.jpgYou can win one of three Jindabyne (Filmstalker review) DVD's on Filmstalker, it's really easy too.

This competition is for UK residents only and can win you a DVD of this superb film which I was lucky enough to see at last years Edinburgh International Film Festival.

It stars Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney and Deborra-Lee Furness giving superb performances, and is directed by Peter Lawrence, adapted from a Raymond Carver short story.

This competition is closed
This competition is closed

The film sees a group of friends head off from their small village of Jindabyne in Australia for a weekend fishing trip. When they eventually arrive at their idyllic retreat in the iddle of nowhere, they discover a body of a dead girl. Rather than interrupt their trip they decide to stay and enjoy the fishing, returning to civilisation (and a mobile signal) to report the body once they've had their weekend.

However things don't go according to plan, and from the first few hours tensions begin to rise and conflicts come to the surface. When they return home the morality of their actions reaches throughout the community and to the Aboriginal community from where the girl came.

Here's a few comments from my review after the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2006:

"...Byrne is superb in the role and he moves from touching family moments to those when he is falling apart with ease...Some of these scenes grow so painfully intense...It's the characters that really make this film and hold it together. They are well scripted and performed, and give the story a strong authenticity...such a realism to the characters and the friendships..."

I'm sure you can tell I enjoyed the film, and I'd heartily recommend it to you. So to win one of the three copies, here's all you have to do. First be resident in the UK, then email your answer to the following question with the subject of Jindabyne, along with your name and full postal address and you could be in the running for a free DVD.

The competition closes on the 26th of September 2007, so here's the question and the email address competition@filmstalker.co.uk:

"Gabriel Byrne played two religious roles back to back for what two films just before 2000?"

Honestly, that's so easy...and if you're stuck there's always the internet! Get your entries in before the 26th.

Remember that your details will be stored by me until the competition is over when they will be deleted. Those winning prizes will have their addresses forwarded to the marketing company for delivery of the prizes, and that's the only use those addresses will see.

This competition is closed



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